Friday, 26 June 2020

Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath 2009


Studies for MIND

'Studies for Mind’⁣ is working with Support in Mind Scotland, an organisation providing crucial support for people with mental health⁣ issues.

'Studies' have set up a photography sale to raise funds, providing an opportunity for you to own an image by one of the UKs top creative folk - and raise money for charity in the process.

All A4 prints are being sold as unlimited edition prints for the very special price of £50 + P&P. The work is on sale for one month, from June 24th until July 24th. 100% of the proceeds goes to Support In Mind Scotland. 

Visit Studies in Mind


Final image from the 2009 series DARKEDEN. This piece is also on display in the Sanctuary, the contemplative non-denominational space for quiet thought,  meditation and prayer at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Monday, 8 June 2020

The knowledge of care

The National Galleries of Scotland have revisited the TENDER project, made in 1999 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the NHS. New interviews and some previously unpublished images, published here on the National Galleries of Scotland website.

With thanks to curators Liz Louis and Anne Lyden, Dr Ninian Hewitt and Dr Susan Moir and the patients of the Longhouse Surgery.

God bless our National Health Service!